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Wellness Support for Individuals & Families

Harmed by Police Brutality

Summer Session of the SOOTHE Circle begins June 12, 2024







The S.O.O.T.H.E. Circle

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State Harms Must Be Healed Through Community

The SOOTHE Circle was created to support individuals and families who are overcoming traumatic harm due to state violence.

The SOOTHE Circle offers free virtual support to impacted individuals and families by connecting them with a grassroots network of community care, health and wellness practices, and social justice support as a community-led form of reparative justice.

The SOOTHE Circle’s mission is to work in unity, like the gentle and healing waves of the ocean, to soothe some of the pain experienced by our family, friends, and community.

Community-Led Care

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Community Support

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Wellness Support

Black Lives Matter Concept

Social Justice Support

The SOOTHE Circle of Support

Community Care & Support

Virtual community space connects impacted individuals and families with each other and allows them to share coping practices with each other and provide mutual support.

Wellness Support

Health and wellness professionals discuss and present mental health and wellness approaches, philosophies, practices to support the grieving and healing process.

Social Justice Support

Social justice activists, advocates, attorneys, and organizers share from experiences supporting individuals, families, and communities impacted by police brutality.

Individual Care & Support

A directory of licensed health professionals, certified wellness practitioners, social justice advocates, and attorneys with experience in police brutality connects individuals with one-on-one support resources.

January 31st Session

Darnyle Wharton will bless the SOOTHE Circle on January 31, 2024 at 7pm

Part I:

Changing Your Advocacy to Match your Passion: From Ceasefire to Peace


Part II:

Keeping Community In Your Community Organizing

Presenter Bio:

As a husband and father of two beautiful girls, and an advocate for non-violence, peace, ​love, and light, Darnyle Wharton is one of the co-organizers for the Baltimore Peace ​Movement formerly known as The Baltimore Ceasefire 365 Movement alongside the ​founder, Erricka Bridgeford, co-founder, Ogun Gordy, and the other co-organizers, ​Letrice Gant, Jakia Jason, and Michelle Sellers. He is also a member of the all Black men ​community support group, Band of Brovaz, where he serves as the Communications ​Officer.

He is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney ​Office. He leads a team of community liaisons who give the residents of Baltimore ​information and updates on the community engagement initiatives, resources, and policies ​of the State’s Attorney Office while getting feedback and concerns from them about public ​safety and what the office is doing to improve the crime situation in the city. Darnyle ​Wharton is a trained mediator for the Baltimore Community Mediation Center where they ​strive to help Baltimore City with conflict

Resolution through mediation.

Before this, he was a member of 300 Men March on their Street Engagement Team and ​Village Keepers, a community support group that formed after 300 men March was ​disbanded. He also serves as President of the Commission on Christian Social Action, and a ​steward at Empowerment Temple AME Church, where he currently worships.

Darnyle’s favorite phrase, is, Nothing changes if nothing changes. His fight to decrease

Baltimore’s murder rate by inspiring and invigorating the community to get involved ​continues

on and will be a part of what he does forever.

February 26th Session

Ursula Foster, LMT, RYT-200 will bless the SOOTHE Circle on February 26th, 2024 at 7pm ​with a presentation entitled:

5 Key Benefits of Massage for Grief and Loss

Presenter Bio:

Ursula Foster, LMT, RYT-200 is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher and ​a mother who has experienced pregnancy loss.

She is the co-owner of Relaxing Vibrations Spa located in historic Stone Mountain Georgia ​where she and her partner offer massage, reflexology, yoga and meditation services. She is ​the creator of the S.h.e. Wellness Experience that offers womens health services such as ​trauma informed yoga, grief massage, mindful movement and interactive womb meditation ​at Legacy House, her wellness retreat house on Jackson Lake in Monticello, Georgia .

With close to 15 years in the healing arts, Ursula's goal and passion is to promote, create ​and educate her clients on whole body wellness in a safe, nurturing environment. Her ​Collective Grief Sessions give mothers support and community on Mother's Day and ​beyond.

Contact Info Relaxing Vibrations Spa and Legacy House featuring RVS Retreats:

FB: Relaxing Vibrations Spa

IG: UrsulaFoster.lmt

IG: rvslegacyhouse

June 12th Session

Rosie Chavez Foster of Mothers Against Police Brutality will bless the SOOTHE Circle on ​May 12th, 2024 at 7pm with a presentation entitled:

Title to Be Announced

Presenter Bio:

Rosie Chavez is the aunt of Jacob Dominguez, who was unarmed when a San Jose police ​officer killed him in 2017. Ms. Chavez is herself the youngest of five children and the first ​person in her family to go to college. A single mother of three boys, Chavez is a San Jose ​City College alumna, earning a certificate of completion in Alcohol and Drug studies. For 17 ​years, Rosie was a Program Coordinator, Drug Alcohol Counselor, and Mental Health Peer ​Mentor in San Jose.

She works today with Silicon Valley De-Bug, a community organizing, advocacy, and a ​multimedia storytelling organization based in San Jose, as an expression of her ambition to ​create social change after police killed her nephew.

A young father, Jacob was profiled by law enforcement because of his background. Right ​before he lost his life, Jacob participated in a documentary where he was quoted saying, ​“My hope for this film is when people see someone like me, they see the good.”

Rosie’s current role as Participatory Defense/Community Release Project Organizer with ​De-Bug allows her to answer Jacob’s calling “to see the good” in a broader way – to uplift ​the good in individuals facing charges in the criminal justice system and to empower ​families in support of their loved ones, drawing on the extensive network of services and ​resources she has built in the South Bay. In October 2020, out of more than 150 applicants, ​Rosie was chosen to be a 2021-22 Mothers Against Police Brutality Legacy Fellow.

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The S.O.O.T.H.E. Circle

About The SOOTHE Circle

The SOOTHE Circle offers holistic wellness support for victims of police brutality and their surviving families.

Through the SOOTHE Circle, individuals and families can receive community support, obtain reliable health, wellness, and justice information, engage in interactive self-care presentations, and support their overall well-being as they grieve, heal, and figure out a path forward after enduring the pain of state violence.

The volunteers of the SOOTHE Circle are experienced in their professions and have ​supported their family, friends, and community members harmed by police brutality.

The SOOTHE Circle launched in the fall of 2023 is a community wellness project of ​DivineSense - a management and wellness consulting firm located in Baltimore, ​Maryland.

About The Founder

Dea Lott, J.D., RYT-200, is a wellness ​consultant, healing justice practitioner, ​attorney, organizer, mediator, and the ​founder of both DivineSense and the ​SOOTHE Circle.

Dea was inspired to create the SOOTHE ​Circle after police violence harmed her ​family member and, more recently, killed ​her family friend, Herman Whitfield III.

In supporting her relative and the Whitfield family, she recognized the need for an ​alternative system of community-led care for the victims of police brutality that is free ​from the persistent harms of systemic racism and inequities.

Dea has over 20 years of combined personal and professional experience using African ​Indigenous, Classical Yoga, Black American spiritual traditions, and other wellness ​modalities to support overall health and wellbeing. And, Dea has worked on social justice ​issues, as an attorney, law professor, campaign manager, organizer, and in various other ​roles, for over 15 years.

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The SOOTHE Circle is a community ​wellness project from DivineSense.

DivineSense is a Partner of Fusion

Partnerships, Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) ​nonprofit organization. Donations to which ​are tax deductible to the fullest extent ​allowed by law. A copy of current financial ​statement is available upon request.

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