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Harmed by Police Brutality

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The S.O.O.T.H.E. Circle

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State Harms Must Be Healed Through Community

The SOOTHE Circle was created to support individuals and families who are overcoming traumatic harm due to state violence.

The SOOTHE Circle offers free virtual support to impacted individuals and families by connecting them with a grassroots network of community care, health and wellness practices, and social justice support as a community-led form of reparative justice.

The SOOTHE Circle’s mission is to work in unity, like the gentle and healing waves of the ocean, to soothe some of the pain experienced by our family, friends, and community.

Community-Led Care

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Community Support

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Wellness Support

Black Lives Matter Concept

Social Justice Support

The SOOTHE Circle of Support

Community Care & Support

Virtual community space connects impacted individuals and families with each other and allows them to share coping practices with each other and provide mutual support.

Wellness Support

Health and wellness professionals discuss and present mental health and wellness approaches, philosophies, practices to support the grieving and healing process.

Social Justice Support

Social justice activists, advocates, attorneys, and organizers share from experiences supporting individuals, families, and communities impacted by police brutality.

Individual Care & Support

A directory of licensed health professionals, certified wellness practitioners, social justice advocates, and attorneys with experience in police brutality connects individuals with one-on-one support resources.

October Session

Dr. Tyne Orí, Ph.D. will bless the SOOTHE Circle with a presentation entitled

Living after Loss & Coping with Systemic Injustice

In this session, Dr. Orí will discuss the process of healing after an unthinkable loss and managing your well-being after experiencing direct oppression by government entities. She will briefly talk about symptoms of grief, PTSD, and depression/anxiety and provide insight on the power of simply being present with oneself to heal.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Tyne Orí, Ph.D. is the owner of Orí Wellness, mental health provider/educator and curator of spiritual-mental wellness events. Dr. Orí is a healer and trained counseling psychologist who believes in holistic use of science, indigenous cultural practices, and nature’s blessings to cope with the human experience. Her healing methods include intuitive observing, empathy, meditation, and psychotherapy. In her work, Dr. Orí empowers clients by emphasizing their history of successful survival and encourages clients to design their lifestyle to be the result of their own authority.

Contact Info for Dr. Orí and Orí Wellness:



IG: oriwellness2020

November Session

Salihah Talifarro,MSW, LCSW, PMH-C, RYT 200, will bless the SOOTHE Circle with a presentation entitled

The Road to Healing

In this session, Salihah will give an overview of the historical mental harm and trauma caused by police violence, and why this history is important for Black and Brown communities to understand as they heal from police violence and trauma in the present day. She'll also explain how we can get in touch with our feelings, release unwanted tension, stress, and aches in our bodies, and experience more pleasant sensations in our bodies. And, she will discuss other therapies and services that may support us on our healing journeys.

Presenter Bio:

Salihah Talifarro, MSW, LCSW, PMH-C, RYT 200, has over a decade of counseling and therapy experience. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and certified in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) specializing in Mental Health, Addictions, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, and Prenatal Yoga. She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) with honors in 2010 from Michigan State University. Based in Indianapolis, IN, Salihah's goal is to provide quality care in safe spaces while helping clients be their best self.

"Taking care of yourself is important and taking the first step towards wellness, growth and self-empowerment takes courage. I value the therapeutic process of reflection and relationship building through the implementation of cognitive behavior, solution focused, motivational interviewing, mindfulness based and other personalized therapy approaches. Together we can develop plans to work towards your goals."

While Salihah can help clients work through diverse issues, her specialties include: Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum issues, Women Issues, Infertility, Racial Identity, Trauma, Life Transitions, Spirituality, and Relationship Issues and Substance Use

Contact Info for Salihah Taliffaro at Wellness Journey Counseling and Embodiment Services



FB: Wellness Journey Counseling

IG: wellnessjourneycounselingaes

December Session

Thomas T. Ruffin, Jr., Esq. will bless the SOOTHE Circle with a presentation entitled

How to Prevail in Struggles Against the State

Presenter Bio:

As a member of the National Jericho Movement, Thomas Ruffin worked as a lawyer and an activist for the liberation of political prisoners held captive in the United States, for the abolition of America's death penalty, and for the prosecution of murderous police. He also worked in several campaigns to save wrongfully convicted individuals from prison. In 2012 and 2013, Ruffin worked as general counsel of the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Progressive Change when it lobbied successfully with the NAACP and others for the abolition of Maryland's death penalty.

The SOOTHE Circle








The S.O.O.T.H.E. Circle

About The SOOTHE Circle

The SOOTHE Circle offers holistic wellness support for victims of police brutality and their surviving families.

Through the SOOTHE Circle, individuals and families can receive community support, obtain reliable health, wellness, and justice information, engage in interactive self-care presentations, and support their overall well-being as they grieve, heal, and figure out a path forward after enduring the pain of state violence.

The volunteers of the SOOTHE Circle are experienced in their professions and have supported their family, friends, and community members harmed by police brutality.

The SOOTHE Circle is a community wellness project of DivineSense - a wellness consulting firm located in Baltimore, Maryland.

About The Founder

Dea Lott, J.D., RYT-200, is management and wellness consultant, an attorney, organizer, mediator, and the founder of both DivineSense and the SOOTHE Circle.

Dea was inspired to create the project after police violence harmed her family member and, more recently, killed her family friend, Herman Whitfield III.

In supporting her relative and the Whitfield family, she recognized the need for an alternative system of community-led care for the victims of police brutality that is free from the persistent harms of systemic racism and inequities.

Dea has over 20 years of combined personal and professional experience using Classical Yoga, spiritual philosophy, and other wellness modalities to support health and overall wellness. And, she has been working on social justice issues, as an attorney, organizer, law professor, and in various roles, for more than 15 years.

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The SOOTHE Circle is a community wellness project from DivineSense.

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